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NCA (National Concert Academy) has been working in the sphere of organization of concerts of international and Russian stars since 1998. During this period the Company has carried out shows at all music venues of Saint-Petersburg and achieved a dominant position in the show-business market. Currently NCA is organizing more than 100 events per year, from club concerts to all-Russia music festivals, which always become outstanding events in a cultural life of the country and the city and evoke wide response among the authoritative mass media.

There can be no “incidental” concerts for our Company. We treat each event with an ultimate commitment, taking care of comfort and good mood of artists and spectators. One of the main criteria of our activity assessment is positive feedback from the audience and partners whose confidence we justify from year to year. We actively cooperate with our audience creating a real club of our friends who, along with us, think it is important for good music to sound in Saint-Petersburg!

The list of concerts organized by the NCA Company includes names of musicians whose work is an important part of life of millions people in the whole world.

Linkin Park, MUSE, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Bryan Adams, Joe Cocker, Robert Plant, Deep Purple, Rоxette, Sex Pistols, Marilyn Manson, KOЯN, P!NK, Serj Tankian, Faith No More, Nine Inch Nails – and this is by no means a complete list . Thanks to NCA, concerts of many of them took place in Saint-Petersburg for the first time.

During NCA existence large-scale music festivals “Rock Nad Volgoi”, Tuborg GreenFest, “Nashi v Gorode”, “Chartova Dyuzhina”, “Diskoteka 80s”, “Legends of Retro FM”, important anniversary events – the 25th anniversary of DDT band, the 20th anniversary of Alisa and SEKRET bands, the 15th anniversary of LUBE band, 30th anniversary of the PIKNIK band, “20 Years Without Kino”, as well as concerts of such outstanding Russian artists as “Mashina Vremeni”, Zemfira, Vyacheslav Butusov, “Mumiy Troll”, “ChaiF”, “Splean”, MakSim, “Leningrad”, and many others have been carried out.


NCA and Live Nation

Within the period of ten years the NCA Company has been closely cooperating with the leader of the global show-business industry – Live Nation Company. During this time we have arranged the largest co-shows: Madonna in Luzhniki (2006 г.), Linkin Park at Vasilievsky Spusk of the Red Square (2011), MUSE band tour in Russia and Ukraine (2011), as well as concerts of Marilyn Manson, Tori Amos, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Fatboy Slim and several more dozens of events.


NCA and Music Festivals

We may say without false modesty that NCA is the largest founder and organizer of festivals in Russia. Events arranged by NCA include: a vast 11 hours music festival “Rock Nad Volgoi” , “Geroi Mirovogo Roka”, Summertime, UK Flavours; organization of the following festivals: Tuborg Greenfest, “Nashi v Gorode”, “Chartova Dyuzhina”, “Mosty”, “RockOt Baltiki”, Avtoradio Festival “Diskoteka 80s”, “Legends of Retro FM”.

We are proud of the fact that leading radio stations (Nashe Radio, Avtoradio) and major companies trust us with organizing their image-building events, many of which become annual.


NCA in Moscow

Although the head office of NCA is located in Saint-Petersburg, the Company regularly arranges concerts in Moscow. NCA carried out such events, significant both for the Company and Russian show-business, as the concert of Madonna in “Luzhniki”, the Anniversary Concert of Alisa band in Olimpiysky Sports Complex, Linkin Park at Vasilievsky Spusk of the Red Square, the grand show of Kylie Minogue in Olimpiysky Sports Complex.

2006 the NCA Company took part as a booking agency in arranging a concert at Vasilievsky Spusk, that took place as a part of the G8 Summit.

Moreover, the NCA Company actively cooperates with leading Moscow concert agencies.


NCA and Regions

Since 2009, with the support of Samarskaya Oblast Government, the annual music festival “Rock Nad Volgoi” (“Rock above Volga”), uniting Russian top-rated rock music performers and many hundred thousand fans from all over the country, has taken place. “Rock Nad Volgoi” managed to prove itself as an event of a European scale and get ahead of many European festivals both by attendance and by the number of participants. 2010 the festival was visited by more than 250 thousand people and became the most popular music festival in the whole Europe.

“Rock Nad Volgoi” welcomed such icons of national rock, as “Chaif”, “Bi-2”, “Nochnye Snaipery”, “U-Piter”, “Korol I Shut”, “Akvarium”, “Mashina Vremeni”, “Splean”, “DDT”, Kipelov, “Alisa”, “Voskresenie”, “Chizh & Co”, “Aria”, “Agata Kristi” and many others. Also, each year organizers make a present to the audience by means of inviting world-famous performers. In 2010, for example, the legendary Deep Purple came on stage of the festival.

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